What is the trend in 2019?

Apr 22 , 2019

What is the trend in 2019?

Each new season pleases us with different innovations and trends in the fashion industry. Summer, autumn, winter and spring collection - you will not find anything in common. Depending on the weather, you can see different additions to your handbags, for example, a fluffy key chain in winter or brooches in the form of summer attributes. It seems to me that this makes the atmosphere on the street more fabulous.


What is the trend in 2019?

Uniqueness. Independence. Quality.

These three criteria that successful women are guided by when choosing a handbag. This year, the light color, the color of goodness and progress, is very popular. And they prepared something bright for you! Who? Today I will tell you about the most luxury brand ever! Compact handbags are coming into fashion, which will suit both the evening look and the casual.

Many beauties complained that the "brand name" on the purse spoils its design, the inventors of the luxury bags Cristiano Casanova found a way out and designed the handbag, having thought over every detail. Their bags also bear the name of the brand, but it is engraved on a gold plate, which only underlines the beautiful appearance of this creation.

It is important for every woman to have a good wallet, which you will be given together with the Cristiano Casanova handbag, a special wallet to keep your money.

The workers of the brand are very careful with the additions to the bag, they choose accessories by color, by size, by season. Casanova always keeps up with fashion.

As each bag is made by hand, it takes a lot of time to achieve the desired result. As for the materials, workers use top-quality leather. You will shine with this bag because Cristiano Casanova is a great brand that not every beauty can afford.

You can order a handbag on the website https://cristianocasanova.com/. I also strongly advise to follow their social networks, the brand is very often looking for models and representatives in different countries. Follow their Instagram and you can be lucky to win! This is the link of Instagram https://www.instagram.com/cristianocasanovaluxury/.

Thanks for your attention, dear readers!

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