Today we will talk about the difference between French and Italian products

Apr 25 , 2019

Today we will talk about the difference between French and Italian products

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Today we will talk about the difference between French and Italian products. It is believed that the Italian things are much better than the French. But why? Despite the fact that so many well-known brands have their beginning in France, we will not find such good things anywhere, only in Italy. Let's look at the shelves: as in France there are many brands of clothing and accessories, it is not so easy for designers from different fashion houses to come up with something completely new. Every day they puzzle over how to create something unique, exquisite ...

After all, there are so many competitors around and no matter how much the inventors want, they will not be able to create a “pure” product, which will be completely new. Yes, the fact that French handbags are love is undeniable. But a bag made in France will be a mixture of all the existing brands because the designers want to add everyone in every case to create something of their own. But it's not right.

Now consider the example of Italian products. In general, the Italians are very calm, they love to do everything slowly and concentrate their attention on one thing. I think this is very good because then you have time to think. The highlight of the Italian brand Cristiano Casanova is that you will not find anywhere in the world a single handbag similar to them. Each bag is invented exclusively in 1 copy, which only emphasizes the uniqueness of the owner. Imagine how much time designers of a great brand spend on inventing such a product: their task is not only to create the design but also to think about the details that will make the bag beautiful. Accessories of this brand are designed only for elite, wealthy and most importantly - real women.

You can order such a beauty on the brand's website or, if you prefer, you can write them on Instagram. Link to Instagram:

Also, Cristiano Casanova loves and cares about its customers, the brand is now in search of new faces around the world. To take part in the competition, you simply put your luxury photo marked with the brand page. Perhaps you are lucky!

Milan is the capital of fashion, not Paris. Have you ever thought about it?

That is why the brand Cristiano Casanova has its origin in Italy

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