Bullshit is even in Africa bullshit, and nothing more

Apr 25 , 2019

Bullshit is even in Africa bullshit, and nothing more

Bullshit is even in Africa bullshit, and nothing more.

Many well-known brands are guided by the mass production of their products, which is why most of the products they make in China and use less quality material to make more money.

Things of brand Cristiano Casanova made exclusively in Italy because the brand is focused on the elite. Happy buyers of handbags from Kasanova receive not only a great accessory but also a quality product that will serve them for a long time.

Be careful because many Chinese companies are trying hard to lure customers to sell you a fake brand, Cristiano Casanova. Clever people who use only high-quality products will not be faked, because they know that Chinese things even smell like Chinese.

Bags brand Casanova - it's just handmade, so in the original, you will not see a single thread sticking out, not a single jamb. The workers carefully prepare each handbag for sale, they work with the details. High-quality leather can never be compared with a fake, the real leather has its own smell.  And all the Chinese fakes smell the same.

Do not allow Chinese fakes to make you fools and buy only original things.

You can order a 100% original bag on the branded website https://cristianocasanova.com/.

I also recommend you to follow their Instagram because the brand is constantly looking for new faces in different countries! Try your luck because you are very beautiful! https://www.instagram.com/cristianocasanovaluxury/

Drink good wine, wear quality clothes, value yourself and always stay in trend with Cristiano Casanova!

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